About Limited Edition Circular Lightwork Prints


Ultra high resolution images of original Lightworks have been taken using a Hasselblad X1D 50mb medium format camera.  In collaboration with the world class printing lab Greiger (Dusseldorf, Germany) are able to create exquisite limited edition prints that retain the luxurious luminance of the original work.

The Diasec mounting system is the first method that allows photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to a plexiglas sheet. It is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process. The light penetration and the refraction of the clear acrylic in the final work produces higher image definition and brilliant colour.

To launch this new series we have chosen two of our favourite Lightworks ‘Horizon’ and ‘Fade into You II’. 


The original Lightwork Fade Into you II is a record of light over a 24 hour period, following the rhythm from day into night. With over 114,000 colour iterations the work is constantly changing at a rate imperceptible to the human eye. 48 images were captured from the 24 hour period.

We currently have 3 prints available in the studio, however we are able to offer 24 iterations of Fade Into You II


Much like Fade Into You, ‘Horizon’ maps light, however in this work it is how it is seen on the horizon. The shifting colours, ordinarily experienced in the distance, are brought together in concentric circles to form this work. The limited edition print magnificently retains some of the luminescence of the iridescent ink and epoxy resin of the original Lightwork making it equally as alluring in its own right . 


Archival inkjet print, Diasec mounting, plexiglass and acm.

1120mm diameter

Edition of 25

$6,200 free shipping worldwide.


Edition of 10

$10,500 free shipping worldwide