Following on from the Infinity Works the Droplet series is inspired by Max’s exploration of visual glitches, where an image fails to load in an app and is broken down into its base colour components, lacking the detail of the original image rendering the content illegible. Although exploring the digital world and how we now consume images through apps and social media Max has taken this concept and manifested physical works in the studio using the technology he has at his fingertips. The end result is a visual sculpture comprised of a multitude of colours, each one resting in a perfect spherical mass.

On first sight the droplets could be mistaken as being one dimensional circles but the negative space between the artwork and frame cast shadows which draw us closer and it is then that the work reveals its spherical qualities. Light from one domed droplet bounces off and merges with its neighbour creating new shades unique to each combination.

Reminiscent of rain drops on a window the suspended motion of the droplets create three distinct visually playful experiences. Created sequentially each subsequent work is a response to one another, meaning this triptych of paintings work equally well as stand alone pieces or sitting side by side in beautiful synchronicity.